Comedy Gold!

New York Times bestseller Dave Lundy is now writing his next adventure titled “Wild Turkeys: Fall Semester” — an even crazier prequel to the hilarious smash “Squish the Fish: A Tale of Dating and Debauchery”.

In “Wild Turkeys: Fall Semester” three University at Buffalo seniors try to prepare for the real world while refusing to let go of their wild college-lifestyle.

Meanwhile, in Miami, the book-burning riots haven’t stopped since “Squish the Fish: A Tale of Dating and Debauchery” was published. Order your copy today and get ready for the party of a lifetime!


“Sex, booze, and football! Ride shotgun with four knuckleheads trying to get to a Buffalo Bills game and join in all the crazy shenanigans along the way!”

“Laugh-out-loud funny and outrageously clever! Imagine ‘The Hangover’ with Tucker Max escapades and a plot with more twists-and-turns than a pole dancer.”

“[Fellow] ladies, this is a must-read if you want a glimpse inside the minds of men. Enlightening, jaw-dropping, and ridiculously hilarious!”

“Holy mother is it funny… but it’s not without a lot of heart; the type of heart you can only find in places like Buffalo, NY… in the dead of winter… after four Super Bowl losses in a row.”