I am in no way a football fan, which is great because I didn’t have to be one to laugh

I am in no way a football fan which is great because I didn’t have to be one to laugh my ass off while I was reading “Squish The Fish”… There is nothing better than a drunk guy who doubles as the “man with the plan”! It was so funny that I even let my ex-husband borrow it and ordered one for my father too. There is a serious shortage of books that celebrate the party animal that is hiding in all of us… which kind of reminds me of a book I once wrote called “The Alcohol Memoirs”. Enjoy & keep up the good work Dave!

Misty J. Moreton’s Amazon Review (5 stars)

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Dave Lundy

Dave Lundy was born a devious prankster, raised in Chenango Bridge, NY (where?), and voted Class Clown in high school. While attending the University at Buffalo, he minored in English and majored in partying. After graduating college and working in Buffalo, he followed his girlfriend west to Las Vegas (alas, she wasn’t a stripper) and eventually on to California. When their cross-country fairytale came to an end, he moved to San Francisco where he’s known as "the drinker with a writing problem." While Dave’s crazy adventures are often the spark of his hilarious stories, it’s his clever imagination that takes them over-the-top.